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LondonFlats DFM is a young company in London’s housing market that has the expertise of established professionals with over 15 years of experience in the field. We have a business view turned to commitment, quality service and professionalism.

Pleased to
meet you
Pleased to meet you
Diego Fatuch
Sabiny Fernandez
Julia Melo
Customer Service
John Riter
Repairs and Maintenance
Camila Rodbard

The company finds itself on an ascendant curve and decided it’s time to establish itself in the capital's housing market in a different way.


The target audience of LondonFlats DFM are professionals and postgraduate students from all over the world. People who have an understanding of what they want and know how to value comfort and good taste.

About Us

Most of our properties are located in residential areas with good connections to the city centre, but still plenty of small businesses close by such as bakeries, markets, pharmacies, all the essentials.

Our main goal is to provide a good and distinctive service to our clients, with nicely bespoke properties and respectful flatmates in our shared properties

Our Properties
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